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commission a custom artwork



1) Contact or email me at including:

a) The size of artwork you want (see size options below).

b) Any reference photos or example pictures.

c) The medium you would like the artwork to be created. If you don't know, we can determine this together after discussing your vision.

d) A description of your vision. Let me know what this piece is inspired by, any specific styles, colors, or anything you would like to incorporate into the piece.

2) We will set up a phone call so I can fully understand your vision, finalize the details of the project and determine difficulty.

3) I will send a proposal contract outlining the details discussed, and then an invoice. You can pay upon signature in full, or do half down and then half upon completion of the artwork.

4) Then I will begin working on your artwork! Creating can take months depending on the size, medium and difficulty, but I will set a deadline that will be included in the contract proposal.

5) When the artwork is done, I will update you on the cost of shipping. I ship world wide!

standard sizes

8x10"  9x12"   11x14"  12x16"  16x20"  18x24"  20x24"  24x30"  24x36"  30x40"  36x48"   42x55"   48x60"  48x72"

other sizes available


select past commissions


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